About Us

About midway through 2015 my cousin and I were fascinated with a concept we thought up!

What if a terminally ill person wasn’t going to be around to see the birth of their daughter, son or just be around for their loved ones in general. What if they could leave all their life experiences behind for them. With My Life Imprint, you can do that and much much more. Let me explain!

Our site allows you to create your own profile and answer as many questions as you like. You then create individual guest accounts for your children, family and friends. They log in and our program will pick up the answers you left behind and create the illusion that you are there with them answering their questions.

Questions can be answered in three different ways.

  1. Traditional text
  2. Audio
  3. Video

If you are thinking this is just a time capsule, it’s so much more! We are providing the facility to answer the real life questions your family, friends and loved ones will ask you and all of those answers will be easily accessible and tailored for each user.

When a guest user logs in, they will be able to view the profile you choose to create specifically for them. That includes any introduction videos you choose to have on your profile. The real magic happens when the user asks a question in the chat window. The algorithm will pick up the keywords, match it to the answer and respond to the question immediately. The process is completely seamless for the user.

We believe in this concept not because it’s the only service of its kind, but because we have had several family members pass and we have so many questions now that we want to ask them but will never have the opportunity to. Thanks to My life Imprint, this will all change!

Let’s build My life Imprint community .We will be with you every step of the way taking your feedback and answering any questions you may have.

Don’t be scared to try something new protect your legacy and leave your imprint behind